The Ambassador and the individual sections of the Embassy


The Ambassador

The Ambassador is the Head of Mission and the representative of the German Federal President in the host country. Currently, Ambassador Mrs. Dorothee Jantzke-Wenzel holds this position and represents the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany in Myanmar.

Gauck im Gespräch mit Präsident Thein Sein

The Political Section

The main task of the Political Section is to promote the political relations between Germany and Myanmar. It explains German policies to Myanmar authorities and informs and advises the German Federal Government and other institutions about the developments in Myanmar and about the  Myanmar points of view. In this context the membership of both countries in regional organizations such as the EU and ASEAN also play a vital role. Both countries are also partners in the ASEM process ("Asia-Europe Meetings"). The Embassy furthermore supports the cooperation of the German Political Foundations with Myanmar partners.

Eröffnung Delegiertenbüro der deutschen Wirtschaft

The Trade Section

Supporting the German Foreign Trade is one of the central fields of activity of the German Embassy.

It is our goal to act as a political advisor, provide networking opportunities and be a partner of German companies.

Section for Development Cooperation

Since the end of the sixties Myanmar has been one of the most important partners of German development co-operation.

Under the "Common Position of the European Union on Myanmar", the regular development co-operation between Germany and Myanmar had been suspended between 1989 and 2011. 

However, during these years Germany supported humanitarian projects of international agencies in Myanmar and sponsored micro-scale projects of local community-based organizations.


The Consular Section

This section processes visa applications and issues regarding passports, personal legal affairs and cases of consular assistance. For Germans residing in or visiting Myanmar, the Consular Section is the liaison point with Germany for all legal matters.

Ausstellungseröffnung "Goldenes Land"

The Cultural Section

The Cultural Section coordinates cultural and educational relations between Germany and Myanmar. In particular, the Embassy supports partnerships between German and Myanmar universities and administrates scholarships granted by German academic institutions to Myanmar scholars. The Embassy has also sponsored German language courses in Yangon and co-organizes cultural events such as musical concerts and the annual EU Film Festival in Yangon.

Berliner Zeitungsmarkt

The Press Section

The Press Section’s main activities lie in the area of public diplomacy. It informs the Myanmar public about current affairs in Germany and helps to present a realistic picture of Germany. The Embassy maintains contacts with the Myanmar media and also provides information to journalists from Germany. Furthermore, the Embassy distributes free of charge publications such as the "Deutschland" magazine and the booklet "Facts about Germany".

The Administrative Section

The Administrative Section is in charge of the management of the Embassy's staff, its material assets and buildings as well as its budget.

The Ambassador and the individual sections of the Embassy


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