Call for Proposals small grant projects

Call for Proposals

The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany calls for proposals for small development projects in Myanmar aiming in particular to satisfy the basic needs of the poor and poorest members of society.

Please send your proposals until the 15th September 2017.

The Embassy will then choose the three most suitable projects which will receive funds of up to 9500 USD.

The Embassy expects:

- A qualified local organization which can organize the project
- An organizer being in a position to finance recurring costs and able to maintain the project after completion
- A contribution of the organizer and the local population
- Double Financing (other funds from German entities) to be excluded

The project must be completed by the 23rd of February 2018.

The standardized application form can be requested from the person in charge, Mr. Maximilian Leisterer:


Applications must be complete, in English and include the following supporting documentation:

- Description of the project and of the local implementing organization
- Finance plan (detailed estimate of cost / where will the necessary funds come form / which part should be financed by the German Embassy / what are the recurring costs of the project after completion and who will assume them)
- Cost-estimate of the supplier / building contractor (if a building is part of the project and financial assistance needed)
- A series of photos showing the present condition of the project and/or its future site

The documents shall be submitted to the

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
9 Bogyoke Aung San Museum Road
Bahan Township

 For further question contact Mr. Maximilian Leisterer via e-mail: