International Alumni seminar of the University of Heidelberg on “Good Governance in Public Health” in Kalay

Enlarge image For almost three decades the master programme „International Public Health“ of the University of Heidelberg educates and trains health experts, many amongst them are DAAD scholarship holders. The  Alumni are working successfully in different fields of the health sector in their respective countries.

They still keep in close contact tom their German Alma mater Heidelberg which frequently organizes subject-related Alumni seminars. The topics are determined by the Alumni themselves. This year they could realise their plans to gather in Myanmar where they conducted an international Alumni seminar in “Good Governance in Public health” at the Wesley Clinic in Kalay (Northwest of Myanmar). This has been possible thanks to the engagement of the Heidelberg Alumnus Dr. Than Bil Luai, Director of the Wesley Clinic, and his colleagues in Kalay.

The provision of health services for underprivileged people was the main topic of discussions.  Based on their own experiences, Alumni from twelve nations (Bangladesh, PR China, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, the Philippines, Tadjikistan, Vietnam und Germany) discussed obstacles and good practises in the context of governance in the public health sector. The subject-related exchange of knowledge beyond the countries was an excellent opportunity to learn from each other and some new idea of future common research projects was born.

All participants agreed to continue with the topic-related alumni meeting also in the future – be it in Heidelberg or somewhere else on the world.